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Engage, Equip & Empower the Church

Church Messenger is not just another email/text software to help your church grow. We are your partner, providing all your communication needs. Developing social and online strategies that Engages, Equips, and Empowers your members and your community.

Get Started With a Communications Audit

The Church Messenger Communications Audit will help you see how your church is doing in communicating with members and your community.

We’ve Got You Covered

Partner & Strategist

We are not just another email and text platform. Church Messenger is committed to helping you build the Kingdom.

Contact Management

Church Messenger does more than manage your church list. We make sure the right message goes to the right people at the right time.

Campaign Analytics

Your communication is only as effective when people are engaging with it. We help you make sure the message is hitting the mark every time.

Building Relationships

Technology is only as good as the relationships it helps to build. If automated sounds automated it lacks the personalization to impact.

We’ll Show You How It’s Done

Schedule a demo and we will jump on a Zoom meeting and walk you through every feature of the Church Messenger Communications platform. We will share our screen and have you personally experience Church Messenger in action. You will be able to text a message that will prompt a reply and see what is happening within the portal and how communication is so easy, efficient and effective.

We Make it Easy to Connect With Members and Guests

Church Messenger developed our communications platform with church staff for church staff. Take the CM Communications Audit and GET STARTED!

Automated Workflows


Emails that create conversations

Text messages that encourage replies

Staff notifications that involve the team

Follow up strategies that work

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