How Church Messenger Works

Build Relationships That Last

Church Messenger will help your church build relationships in your community.

Engaging visitors with a communication tool that gives visitors a reason to come back and members a reason to stay. Then we can effectively equip members so they are empowered to change the world around them.

Church Messenger automates and simplifies your church communication

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14 Day FREE Trial. Within the first few days you will have "1st Time Guest", "Plan A Visit" and other automated workflows working for you 24/7 to engage, equip, and empower your church.

We’ve Got You Covered

Email/Text & Phone Automation

Automated workflows that do more than send out a text, email, or phone message.

Social Media Strategies

Social Media platforms are meant to be social. We work on strategies that inspire conversation and relationships.

Visitor Follow Up

Visitors come back because they feel important, noticed and loved. CM visitor follow up increases 1st time visitors coming back.

Member Engagement

Members don't miss events because they didn't know about and they will not want to miss the new series or the mid-week reminder of last weeks sermon.

We’ll Show You How It’s Done

Schedule a Zoom meeting and we will show you behind the scenes how Church Messenger can improve your church communications. You'll be able to see Church Messenger in action as Co-founder Jon Cordonier shows you how email and text work hand-in-hand to effectively communicate with church members and visitors alike.

We Make it Easy to Connect With Visitors & Members

All Church Messenger conversations are kept in one place for easy reference. Church Messenger app notifications make it super easy to build relationships even while you are on the GO!


Ready To Make a Real Change? Let’s Build this Thing Together!

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